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Over 50 & Fabulous

Globally, the “Over 50 & Fabulous” numbers have DOUBLED since 1980 and we have the opportunity to reshape the world. First, we need to get healthier and overcome the mindset that we’re “over the hill” because the world NEEDS our wisdom, experience, and guidance. Members of this Facebook group understand what’s truly important in life, so let’s show the world what Over 50 & Fabulous | Facebook is all about!

The moderator, Susan Yost Rhodes, was a guest on Episode 3 of the Adventures with Grammy podcast.



A Place for Grandparents

John Chan started the Facebook group,  A Place for Grandparents, with an eye for Internet safety. This well moderated group is a safe space to connect with other grandparents and share experiences. John vets all applicants for reasonable proof they genuinely are grandparents, and he checks all posts before publishing. You and your grandchildren’s safety and privacy always will be his top priority.

Graphic Designer

Mack Johnson, president of Johnson Creative Inc., designed my logo and its variations. I am so pleased with his work that I have recommended him to other business owners. They are as pleased with his work as I am.

If you need a graphic artist, please contact Mack at!


Joi Warburton

Joi Warburton, a mother of four and a grandmother of 10, share the values she learned from her parents and grandparents and the wisdom she’s gained from almost 40 years of parenting and grandparenting.

She was a guest on Episode 15 of the Adventures with Grammy podcast.