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Lisa Jacovsky is the author of a series of books about young children with autism. To learn about the books and read reviews, visit To contact the author, send an e-mail to

Lisa has been a guest on two episodes of the Adventures with Grammy podcast!

Episode 2 and Episode 28

Queen Vernita

Dr. Dawn Menge has received more than 35 awards for her Queen Vernita educational book series. We first meet Queen Vernita when she invites twelve wonderful friends to visit with her at her Kingdom during each month of the year. Queen Vernita and her friends enjoy fun activities as they learn about the monthly calendar, days of the weeks and seasons of the year. Subsequent books find Queen Vernita learning about rain forests, coral reefs, jazz music, the Underground Railroad, dolphins, steamboats, astronomy and more. To visit Queen Vernita’s website, go to Send the author an e-mail at

Dawn was a guest on the Episode 4 of the Adventures with Grammy podcast!

Popcorn Thanks

Popcorn Thanks is a book and a game that will help your family start a fun tradition of mindfulness. Meet Popcorn Pearl and download free coloring pages when you visit the website: Contact author Natalie Chodniewicz at

Natalie was a guest on the Episode 5 of the Adventures with Grammy podcast!

Silly YaYa

Violet Favero is also known as Silly YaYa! She has nine granddaughters! No grandsons! Lots of glitter and bows when the girls visit their grandparents. The medical administrator turned children’s picture book author/illustrator gathers inspiration for her stories from her every day life … her immigrant grandfather, her family’s Sunday dinner tradition, her brother … who one granddaughter thinks lives at the zoo …. and more! Visit the links to learn more about this fascinating second-generation Greek American!

Listen to her interview on Episode 24 of the Adventures with Grammy podcast.

STEM Titles by Donna McKinney

Donna McKinney is the author of 16 nonfiction books for kids on topics ranging from science and technology to history to sports. Before she wrote for children, she spent many years writing about science and technology topics, like chemistry, space science, and robotics, at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, DC. She has a BA in English from Campbell University and an MA in English: Professional Writing and Editing from George Mason University. She lives in North Carolina.


Donna was a guest on Episode 10 of the Adventures with Grammy podcast and discussed hiking — she has hiked through every state park in North Carolina!

Positive Kids Today

Welcome to the podcast episode 22 that highlights the works of — a website filled with books, apps, programs and resources developed to support the emotional and mental wellbeing of children.

Niki Spears and Brandi Pillow, a mother and daughter team, aim to help young children develop positive attitudes about themselves and their worlds. Niki, a mother of three girls and a former educator, understands the way in which children see themselves can impact their successes with building strong trusting relationships. Niki knows that struggle, so she and Brandi provide young children with strategies to support their embracing a healthy mindset! 

To accomplish that goal, my guest today, Niki Spears, the author of a series of books inspired by her granddaughter Baelor, joins me today to discuss her first two books The Hand Hug and Kindness Is Contagious Too! 







Rozanne Travel to Africa to Kiss a Giraffe

As a child, Rozanne Weisman dreamed of going on safari. As an adult, she accomplished her goal with three wildlife journeys: the first through the rain forests of Borneo, Indonesia, where she watched orangutans, then throughout five southern African countries where prides of lions have walked directly in front of her, and she photographed penguins, orphaned elephants, giraffes, and FIVE elusive leopards, including two cubs up a tree.

Rozanne was a guest on Episode 27 of the Adventures with Grammy podcast.

Modern Day Grands

Created by Suzette Perez-Tate and co-authored by Anisa Delaluz, The Grands is a children’s book series intended to break stereotypes of what it means to be a grandparent in the 21st century. Today’s Grand is active, career-minded, stylish, and tech-savvy while still maintaining the age-old essence of being a grandparent. This series features the role Great Grandparents, Great Aunts & Uncles have in a child’s life and focuses on diverse, intergenerational families.


Suzette Perez Tate is a modern-day grandmother from Southern California. She and her husband have a blended family and share five children, 5 grandchildren and a black Labrador named Bentley Boo. Suzette and her granddaughter Charlotte share a special bond. One of the activities they enjoy together is reading. Her co-author is Anisa Delaluz, a post-production manager in the film and television industry. The mother of two sons, she hopes, if she becomes a grandmother, she will live up to the standards set by her own super-hero grandmothers.

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Suzette and Anisa appeared on Episode 25 of the Adventures with Grammy podcast.