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The Addicted Child

Richard Capriola spent 11 years working as an addictions counselor for Menninger Clinic in Houston, Texas, before retiring in 2019. Menninger Clinic is one of the top ten psychiatric hospitals in the United States and specializes in the assessment, stabilization and treatment of adults and adolescents with substance abuse and psychiatric disorders. During his tenure there he worked in the Adolescent Treatment program and the adult Comprehensive Psychiatric Assessment and Stabilization program; he was responsible for comprehensive assessments and individual and group counseling with patients diagnosed with substance use disorders. Prior to working at Menninger Clinic, Capriola worked as a mental health crisis counselor in central Illinois. His book, The Addicted Child, is a parent’s guide to adolescent substance abuse. In non-technical language parents learn how to identify and find treatment programs for their child. Brief chapters explain substances being used by today’s adolescents and the process addictions which accompany substance abuse, like self-harm and eating disorders.


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The Addicted Child (paperback) by Richard Capriola

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The Addicted Child Workbook by Richard Capriola


Listen to Richard’s interview on Episode 20 of the Adventures with Grammy podcast.


Fun, At-Home Activities

Jana Hletko is a former teacher, a mother, wife, and grandmother. She enjoys spending time with her family, walking on the beach, and reading. She and Lynn Busby were college roommates and have been best friends for over 50 years.


Grandparenting: Renew Relive Rejoice

Co-authors Siegel and Zinberg provide a concise, down-to-earth guide for both grandparents and parents in their book Grandparenting: Renew, Relive, Rejoice. Each of the 52 straight forward nourishing practices provide methods of mindfulness, along with endearing real-life stories that grandparents can identify with. These bite-sized stories offer a rich assortment of simple ways to be present in our fast-paced lives and not miss the richness of time spent with grandchildren.

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Aging American Style

Aging American Style is a “just for fun” book. Lynn is in the “prime of her old age” and has created a book of jokes for people who appreciate hard earned grey hair. Great for anyone celebrating a landmark birthday.

Lynn Busby and her husband Bob have four children between them and seven grandchildren as well as one great grandchild.

Lynn and Bob owned and operated an Apple Computer Dealership in the early days of personal computing (early 1980s). Both spent their careers in the computer business and also worked for large corporations including Toshiba, IBM, and MasterCard. With her intense computer background, she brings the skills needed to publish.

Shifting Gears: 50 Baby Boomers Share Their Meaningful Journeys in Retirement

Shifting Gears is based on interviews with retirees, telling how they are shifting gears in their retirement. Sometimes they shift smoothly, sometimes they grind the gears, and often they take some time to find their groove. The stories reveal the rich abundance of retirement ventures, from the exotic to the mundane. Discover their joys, challenges, and inspirations that were part of their journey in this next stage of life. Ranked #1 Hot New Release on Amazon (Gerontology).

To learn about the retirees who shifted gears, visit the author’s website:

Richard was a guest on Episode 4 of the Adventures with Grammy Podcast.

Passports and Pacifiers

Traveling the World, One Tantrum at a Time

Welcome to the true story of two crazy parents traveling with four small children…on a budget

Part memoir, part guide, this travelogue serves an inspiration to new and seasoned parents alike. Starting with two bumbling parents taking their Never-Sleep infant to Italy and ending with an adventure across Scandinavia, Passports and Pacifiers follows a naïve, baby-wearing family on eight memorable, and nap-centered trips.

​Kaitlyn was a guest on Episode 8 of the Adventures with Grammy podcast

Stroke Forward

Marcia Moran was a healthy, athletic, and successful entrepreneur who never considered one day she might suffer from a stroke. But she did 7 years ago, and it was devastating. Although she is at almost full recovery, Marcia is not satisfied and continues to work toward a 100 percent recovery.


She has written about her journey back to physical fitness in her book Stroke Forward: How to Become Your Own Healthcare Advocate … One Step at a Time.


It is a beautifully written tribute to her determination and grit, her husband’s abundant love for her, and a message of hope for the rest of us.


Listen as Marcia shares her inspirational story of how she relearned to walk and talk and what she is doing to help others impacted by strokes.


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Marcia was a guest on Episode 26 of the Adventures with Grammy podcast.

Joyce Fields

Joyce Fields is an author who has combined her passion for writing with her mission to inspire people to make the world a better place. The mother of two sons, eight grandchildren and four great grandchildren shares with us the 12 “ingredients” she says families need to raise great children. Her book is Mother’s Dozen: An Easy Recipe for Raising Great Kids, draws upon the values her family has passed down from generation to generation.


Web site:


Joyce was a guest on Episode 13 of the Adventures with Grammy podcast.

Jerry Witkovsky

Since retiring in 1997, Jerry Witkovsky has focused his energy on grandparenting. He loves to help multigenerational families work and play together to create rich family lives.


His book, The Grandest Love: Inspiring the Grandparent-Grandchild Connection, outlines how a strong grandparent-grandchild connection starts with a strong grandparent-parent bond. He shares memories of his grandparents and includes letters from his grandchildren about what they learned from him and his late wife. He advocates family meetings and a family vision statement. He addresses how to mend hurts with children that limit access to grandchildren and the power of forgiveness. The author provides worksheets, exercises, and heartwarming personal stories.


Mr. Witkovsky also wrote The Grandparent Connection School Kita step-by-step handbook for starting a grandparenting program in your grandchild’s school, and he organized a program, Write Your Stories, though which grandparents can leave written legacies for their families.


The ninth episode of the Adventures with Grammy® podcast looks at grandparent programs in public and private schools. This podcast features three segments and six guests. The first segment, with guests guests Jerry Witkovsky and Deanna Shoss, discussed how to setup a grandparent program at your grandchild’s high school.


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De-Escalate: How to Calm an Angry Person in 90 Seconds or Less

De-Escalate: How to Calm an Angry Person in 90 Seconds or Less will teach you how to calm an angry, upset person of any age while remaining centered and calm. You will also learn how to calm yourself down quickly and efficiently. You will be able to take insults, provocations, and disrespect from others without losing your cool. You will be able to stand in the presence of very strong emotions and say exactly the right thing in exactly the right way in exactly the right moment. In short, you will gain an immense amount of control over your emotional life. You will learn how to solve a problem without anger. This will give you a power you never imagined possible.



De-Escalate: How to Calm an Angry Person in 90 Seconds or Less: Noll, Douglas E.: 0001582706557: Books









Kaiser Permanente Adverse Childhood Experiences


Doug was a guest on Episode 13 of the Adventures with Grammy podcast.