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Children’s Books

Hip Hip Hooray, It’s Grandparent’s Day

Danita Mahler and Sarah Rice, a mother/daughter duo have written Hip Hip Hooray, It’s Grandparents Day. The book opens with grandparents and their fancy grandparent names backstage with their grandchildren waiting for the fun of Grandparents Day to begin. To learn about the book, visit Send the authors an e-mail at

Danita and Sarah were guests on Episode 9 of the Adventures with Grammy Podcast.

Frankie Drives a Freightliner

Follow Joey, her Aunt Frankie, and their rescue, Pup Marlow, on a behind-the-scenes look at life on the open road, driving a truck and delivering goods throughout this great country in their own Freightliner Tractor. Join the girls for adventure, fun and dreams as big as the sky! A With Heart Books Original by Author, Founder and CEO Mary E. Mahowald. Artwork by fellow Omaha, Nebraska Native, Joe Davis. This beautifully illustrated children’s book features strong female lead characters in a traditionally male-oriented business and role. Empowering, fun and full of maps, postcards, and adventures around our great Nation! To connect with the author and read her blog posts, visit Send the author an e-mail at

Mary was a guest on the FIRST episode of the Adventures with Grammy podcast!

Chicken Fat Kids

In the 1960’s, President John F. Kennedy announced that the President’s Council on Physical Fitness was beginning a fitness program for schools.  Meredith Wilson, in 1962, wrote the song, “Chicken Fat,” for the program and Robert Preston sang it. Students in elementary and junior high schools across the country have gotten fit exercising with this peppy song. Visit to learn about the awards the recently produced video has earned, buy the book, and get your Chicken Fat t-shirts!

Scott Drayer was a guest on the Episode 2 of the Adventures with Grammy podcast!

Crabbing with Granddad

Amy Schisler grew up fishing and crabbing with her waterman granddad. She recorded her memories in a charming book she first wrote as a Christmas present for her family; it has become one of her bestselling books. To read about her summers on Virginia’s Eastern Shore when she was a little girl and the numerous books this award-winning author has written, visit

Amy was a guest on the Episode 2 of the Adventures with Grammy podcast!

Brady, the Therapy Dog

Brady is a greyhound. Brady is a therapy dog. More importantly, this darling pup loves naps and is the star of the children’s book Listen, Different is Good!​ Brady’s human (and Mom) is Kerrie Kleppin-Winn. Contact her through their Facebook page.


Kerrie was a guest on the Episode 3 of the Adventures with Grammy podcast!

Dyslexia: A Special Kind of Samrt

Tracy Peterson is a veteran teacher who along with her former student, Sloane LeFrance, wrote Cartwheels Finding Your Special Kind of Smart, a lively look at a real student who would rather do cartwheels than read because reading frustrates her.

Tracy hopes Cartwheels will be a springboard for positive conversations about dyslexia and for everyone finding and recognizing their own special kind of smart in themselves and in others. She is working on more books in her “From Their Eyes” series, which will feature challenges children face in their own words.

Listen to Episode 23 of the Adventures with Grammy podcast to hear her interview.


K. A. Mulenga

K.A. Mulenga loves writing children’s books! His mission is to write books that have important life lessons (they illustrate good vs. evil, and draw upon his African heritage) in an easy, yet fun way thus giving parents a helping hand in teaching and nurturing their children. With colorful illustrations and a wide range of different and diverse characters ranging from whales to leopards, K.A. aims to inspire readers to do the right thing.

He lives in Johannesburg, South Africa with his wife, his 2 daughters, his son and his 4 dogs (2 Labradors and 2 Maltese Crosses). He loves reading and is an avid soccer fan.

Listen to Episode 21 of the Adventures with Grammy podcast.


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Nine of his books are for sale on Amazon.

Curly Crew Books

Author/illustrator Markita Staples-Green developed Curly Crew Books with the express purpose to help “young kids of color to feel seen and heard. It’s also to increase literacy. It’s to help young children fall in love with reading at a very young age and also provide experiences so parents and children can bond over books.”


To learn more about the books, visit

Gramps Jeffrey

Episode 34. I Don’t Want to be 3!

Gramps Jeffrey, a grandfather of six and the author of the children’s book, I Don’t Want to be 3! He also is the author of a business book, The Secrets of Retailing…How to Beat Walmart. He wrote the book to help entrepreneurs and small businesses compete against the big guys. He has written more than 100 articles for the Huffington Post about small businesses, education, the homeless and nonprofit organizations.

How to Feed Your Ninjas

Episode 35. How to Feed Your Ninjas.

Tracy Johnson, the author of How to Feed Your Ninjas, is today’s guest. Her journey began 40 years ago when she was diagnosed with Chron’s Disease. She discovered exercise and a healthy diet eased her symptoms, and for 20 years she has been symptom-free without medication. Her brother’s diagnosis with a cancer that would not respond to conventional treatment inspired Tracy to research immunotherapy. Grief-stricken with her brother’s refusal to consider changing his diet and his subsequent death, Tracy turned her attention to sharing her message with children. In addition, she created a nonprofit organization, the by KARRI Project, to create a solid foundation for the physical and emotional health of our future…starting with the very young.

Tracy Johnson, Founder ‘by KARRI Project’
Louisville, CO