Butter Workshop


Adventures with Grammy LLC and Acme Antiques partnered to hold a butter-making workshop at Acme Ice Cream Parlor in Tappahannock. We had so much fun!


Making butter is quite easy, and the workshop lasted exactly 59 minutes — from the time the attendees walked through the door until the time they left. Making butter is the perfect activity for church schools, classrooms, scout meetings, birthday parties and more.


We charged $25 for one adult/one child and $10 for each additional child. Each attendee left with butter and buttermilk. Each family left with an autographed copy of How to Make Butter in Six Easy Steps.


The book gives you step-by-step, easy-to-follow directions. One child even wrote on the evaluation form, “I like how they give step-by-step how to make butter!” 


Another attendee wrote, “We absolutely Loved it!”  And another wrote, “We loved this class. Thank you.”


If you decide to host a workshop, let me know if you need my help.




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