One of the best ways to nurture a relationship is to spend time with the people in that relationship. Adventures with Grammy’s commitment is nurturing relationships with grandchildren; hence, the books I am writing. I am working on two books for the “Let’s Explore” series: Adventures with Grammy: Let’s Explore the Mid-Atlantic and Adventures with Grammy: Let’s Explore the Southeast. I am seeking an agent to represent me for those books. I recently published two books for the “How To” series: How to Make Butter and How to Bake Sourdough Bread. 


Both series promote grandparents and grandchildren spending time together. The first series promotes “on-the-go” activities — day exploration, weekend travel or week-long adventures with or with parents. Some families enjoy multigenerational travel, grandparents, parents and children. Other families enjoy skip-gen travel, grandparents and grandchildren, only. Parents stay home and enjoy time to themselves. I have done both and enjoy both! The second series of books promotes around-the-house activities that are fun, budget friendly and infuse “stealth” learning. Stealth learning happens when children are eager to participate in activities in an environment that fascinates them; they don’t realize they are learning! The Let’s Explore series is stealth learning, too!


This first book in the “How To” series, How to Make Butter, draws on a long-standing family tradition. The author’s mother made butter as a young girl in the kitchens of her mother and grandmother. Now the author’s grandchildren are making butter as their great grandmother did almost a century ago! You can give your grandchildren a sweet taste of history by following the six easy steps in this little book … complete with pictures! 


This second book in the “How To” series, How to Bake Sourdough Bread, is an excellent activity for teaching and reinforcing math skills, social skills and kitchen safety. Baking is hands-on learning using real-life fractions and mixed numbers. It’s an opportunity to reinforce handwashing and kitchen sanitation and to model patience ─ waiting for goodies to bake and cool can be so difficult! Bread is a nice gift to share with a new neighbor, to give to someone who is not feeling well, or to thank someone who has done something special for you. Years ago, I would give baskets loaded with freshly baked bread, homemade jelly or jam, and homemade butter as holiday and special occasion gifts.  I plan to revive that practice; family and friends love receiving gifts from the heart!


When our children were young, they helped me bake. Flour often covered the countertops and them, and our dog would lap up the occasional milk spilled on the floor, but we had fun. The children grew to love cooking because of their late father ─ cooking master extraordinaire! The children now have children of their own, and my grandchildren are learning the culinary skills their parents learned years ago ─ a proud legacy of their late grandfather!


I love working in the kitchen with my grandchildren. Most importantly, making butter, baking bread or cooking eggs with Grammy are adventures your grandchildren will remember for a lifetime!


If you sign up for my newsletter, the first book, How to Make Butter, is available as a PDF to download for free. The essential difference is the format. The book is available for sale at Amazon as an e-book and as a paperback. How to Bake Sourdough Bread is available through Amazon, and will be a free PDF for newsletter subscribers January 2021. The book is available as an e-book on Amazon and soon will be available as a paperback. To purchase the books, visit

Whichever activity you and your grandchildren choose, I hope you have fun!

Thank you for your support,