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Carolyn’s books share a theme: fun activities grandparents can do with their grandchildren. The legacy journals are fun for children (and parents), and provide an activity grandparents can share with their grandchildren, in person or online, to help them claim their branch of the family tree.

Legacy Journals

Share stories about you and your living relatives and discover information about deceased ancestors with this introduction to genealogy that can be customized for every family. My Family Tree is a simple-to-use, interactive journal to interest children ages 5-12 in their ancestry and to record your family stories. Features include suggested questions that will build their researching, interviewing and writing skills, games, resources, and a five-generation pedigree fan chart. The PDF is a downloadable file designed to use with a three-ring binder. No online subscription required. 

You will have the same bonding opportunity with the teenagers in your family with My Life in Pictures: A Legacy Journal for Teens. It’s not an ordinary journal. Think of it as a mash up of a diary + photo album + family tree. 

Parents and grandparents can record their stories in Snap Shots of My Life. Your story is important. Leave a written legacy by sharing stories with your family and the descendants you will not meet. This easy-to-follow blueprint shows you how and provides the space to do it.


How to Make Butter

ADVENTURES WITH GRAMMY “HOW TO” is a series of books for grandparents who want to nurture the bonds with their grandchildrenEach book will focus on a budget-friendly, fun activity guaranteed to create long-lasting memories grandchildren and their grandparents will cherish forever.

The first book in the series, Adventures with Grammy: How to Make Butter, draws on a long-standing family tradition. The author’s mother made butter as a young girl in the kitchens of her mother and grandmother. Now the author’s grandchildren are making butter as their great grandmother did almost a century ago! You can give your grandchildren a sweet taste of history by following the six easy steps in this little book … complete with pictures.

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Listen to the Podcast

The Adventures with Grammy podcast is for grandparents who are on-the-go with their grandchildren. It is for grandparents who want loving relationships with their grandchildren and for parents who want their children to enjoy loving relationships across the generations. We discuss children’s literature, fun activities to do with children, adventures for multi- and skip-generational travel, and issues important to parents and grandparents.

Visit the Adventures with Grammy Network

Adventures with Grammy LLC has partnered with creatives around the world to introduce you to amazing children’s literature, activities and adventures. I am thrilled to introduce you to people who are as passionate about their children and grandchildren as I am about mine. I met most of these lovely people through hosting my podcast; others I know from other associations. The bottom line is each of these connections offers something of value to families, so head to the Adventures with Grammy Network and explore!


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ADVENTURES WITH GRAMMY: LET’S EXPLORE is a proposed series of nonfiction books that will take grandparents and their grandchildren, toddlers to teens, on magnificent romps across the United States. Each book will help grandparents establish and reinforce special places in their grandchildren’s hearts and answer two important questions: Where  can I take my grandchildren that is budget-friendly and fun for each of us? How do I ensure the good times we share will become long-lasting memories my grandchildren will cherish forever? The works in progress are Let’s Explore Virginia, Let’s Explore the Mid-Atlantic and Let’s Explore the Southeast!   

The author's graphic artist captured perfectly the spirit of Adventures with Grammy when he designed the logo.

What is in the Let’s Explore Books?


Adventures with Grammy is a proposed series of fun, educational books that provide grandparents with specific destinations for day, weekend, and summer outings with their grandchildren. The adventures are a mix of hands-on, action-packed, contemplative and thrilling. The activities have many levels of complexity and capture the interests of grandparents and grandchildren from toddlers to teens.

Stealth Learning

Travel is “stealth” learning; when kids are having fun, they don’t realize they are learning! When children study in school the people and events associated with the places they visit, they will have the background knowledge necessary to understand the significance of the new knowledge they are acquiring. That’s how learning happens—prior knowledge plus new knowledge equals true learning!

Career Exploration

At a chocolate factory, grandson #2 announced he wants to be a chocolatier when he grows up. Until that visit, he didn’t know the word chocolatier, or that the career existed. After a visit to a video arcade, grandson #3 said when he grows up, he wants to work there. Grandson #1 replied, “You don’t want to work there; you want to own it.” Elementary school children are thinking about career options!

Skip-Gen Travel

“Skip-gen” trips, grandparents vacationing with their grandchildren and leaving mom and dad at home, is a fairly new trend happening worldwide. Whether a day trip, a weekend getaway, or a two-week excursion, grandparents and grandchildren are loving their time together! The key to an awesome time is picking the right combination of activities—activities all physically can perform and find enjoyable.

‘Travel is one of the greatest gifts grandparents can give their grandchildren. Well-planned travel makes that gift even greater, and Carolyn Berry does a lot of the homework for you in Adventures with Grammy: Let’s Explore the Mid-Atlantic!’

– Bill Lohmann, a columnist for the Richmond-Times Dispatch, and the author of Backroads & Byways of Virginia: Drives, Day Trips & Weekend Excursions