Let’s Explore Virginia!

My grandchildren and I have fed alpacas, traced dinosaur tracks that are millions of years old, made chocolate candy, roasted coffee beans, sailed aboard a pirate ship, toured an Amazon Fulfillment Center, flown model airplanes in wind tunnels, traveled along a railroad track on an open-air, restored equipment car, and fed free-roaming zebras, ostriches and elk. We have created memories that will last a life-time!

     Your family can, too! We will show you how in Adventures with Grammy: Let’s Explore Virginia! My book, for which I am seeking agent representation, promises to strengthen the bond between you and your grandchildren by exploring the wonders of Virginia with or without the grandchildren’s parents! The adventures are free or budget-friendly, suitable for grandparents and grandchildren from toddlers to teens, and promise oodles of fun! Most importantly, the activities will ensure the accolades all grandparents crave: special places in their grandchildren’s heartsWhen you are a memory, even your grandchildren who were too young to remember each activity will feel your love in this enchanting time capsule of shared adventures.

     Join my grandchildren and me as we explore Virginia. Follow my blog and sign up for my newsletter!

The author's graphic artist captured perfectly the spirit of Adventures with Grammy when he designed the logo.

Why Buy the Book?


Adventures with Grammy is a fun, educational book that provides grandparents with specific destinations for day, weekend, and summer outings with their grandchildren. The adventures are a mix of hands-on, action-packed, contemplative and thrilling. The activities have many levels of complexity and capture the interests of grandparents and grandchildren from toddlers to teens.

Stealth Learning

Travel is “stealth” learning; when kids are having fun, they don’t realize they are learning! Later, when children study in school the people and events associated with the places they visit, they will have the background knowledge necessary to understand the significance of the new knowledge they are acquiring. That’s how learning happens—prior knowledge plus new knowledge equals true learning!

Career Exploration

At a chocolate factory, grandson #2 announced he wants to be a chocolatier when he grows up. Until that visit, he didn’t know the word chocolatier, or that the career existed. After a visit to a video arcade, grandson #3 said when he grows up, he wants to work there. Grandson #1 replied, “You don’t want to work there; you want to own it.” Elementary school children are thinking about career options!

Skip-Gen Travel

“Skip-gen” trips, grandparents vacationing with their grandchildren and leaving mom and dad at home, is a fairly new trend happening worldwide. Whether a day trip, a weekend getaway, or a two-week excursion, grandparents and grandchildren are loving their time together! The key to an awesome time is picking the right combination of activities—activities all physically can perform and find enjoyable.

The one thing grandparents want most is to know they hold special places in their grandchildren’s hearts.

– Carolyn Berry