You may have read an earlier blog post where I wrote about being involved in a serious motor vehicle accident. It was one of the rare times I have left my house since the pandemic began; I was on the way home from the post office after mailing presents to my grandchildren. A young driver hit my van just in front of my right rear tire. A witness said my car flew through the air like a NASCAR racer that had been hit. My car rolled and landed upside down ─ the roof resting on the pavement. I was suspended upside down held in place with the seat belt/shoulder harness. The only other item that remained in place was my granddaughter’s car seat. Everything else had flown around the car.  Physically, with the exception of a small cut on my arm, I was not injured; neither were the two in the car that hit me, and for that I am thankful.


I also am thankful my grandchildren were not in the car with me. I often have to pull over because one or the other has taken an arm from under the shoulder strap. Had that been the case during the accident, my grandchild would not have been strapped in the seat securely. I don’t want to think what the consequence could have been!


As I prepared to buy another car seat, I remembered reading about a unique harness-style restraint system for children 3 to 10.  I bought five!  They arrived a few days prior to two of my grandsons’ recent visit. The boys LOVE them.


No more worries about shoulder straps not laying correctly in place. No more worries about lap belts not strapped correctly across my grandchildren’s hips. No more worries about the children sliding under the lap belts, if we become involved in an accident.


I urge you to check out this new invention! If you decide to purchase a WhizRider, use code F5P7OHGN to receive a 30% discount at Amazon.



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Accident April 9, 2020

Wear your seatbelt!
Ensure your grandchildren's car seats are secure!
Make sure they are strapped in properly!