Summertime Fun!

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Due to COVID-19, I had not seen my grandchildren for almost four months. My heart ached and I was so depressed. Their parents were being extra cautious, and I seldom leave the farm, so visiting seemed viable.

The children began visiting in June – first Gavin and Channing, then Hunter and Cain, then Scarlett by herself. We had so much fun despite LOTS of rain!!!

I also had the four boys for a long weekend, and weekend visits at the farm with my children, the six grandchildren and three “bonus” girls. Oh, what fun!

We learned about fossils, gazed at the stars, made butter, baked bread, rode horses, read books, played games and enjoyed being together. Just look at the smiles in the pictures!

In between visits was the annual Beach Week in Corolla, but I elected not to go. North Carolina was a hot spot then for COVID-19 and I didn’t feel comfortable taking any chances.

School will be starting soon; Gavin and Channing attend a private school and will have in-person schooling. Cain and Hunter attend a public school and will have virtual learning, which is a hardship for their parents. Somehow I will help, but I am not sure of the details. I wish I didn’t live so far away.

I have mixed feelings about schools reopening. One part of me thinks in-person education is too dangerous; the other part of me knows young children need lots of hands-on learning. Virtual learning is a disaster for many families, especially those with young children, not to mention the childcare issue.

How will your grandchildren attend school? Will you be involved in their education? If so, how? Send me an e-mail. I am interested in how your family is doing.

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