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This podcast is for grandparents on-the-go with their grandchildren and parents who want to ensure loving relationships across the generations. Each podcast episode focuses on one of four themes:


As a grandmother, reader, and writer, Carolyn believes it is important to support and encourage authors, which is why she invites authors to be guests. As a grandmother, she wants to know about new books she can buy for her grandchildren, or new books that might be of interest to her as an older adult or as a grandparent.


She enjoys learning about activities and crafts to do with her grandchildren, hence interviewing people who are handy with crafts is exciting.


Carolyn and her grandchildren enjoy road-trip adventures — activities outside of home that provide “stealth” learning. These include geocaching and visiting museums, historical sites and more!


Family storytelling, health, multiculturalism, education, grand families, etc. … issues important to families

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