Grammy & MaMa Berry

I have six grandchildren; they call me MaMa Berry. The oldest four are boys, born one after the other four years in a row! Grandsons #1 and #3 belong to my younger son. Grandsons #2 and #4 belong to my older son. The younger two are my younger son’s daughters. My daughter, the “middle child,” as she keeps reminding me, enjoys her status as the favorite aunt. 


The boys celebrate their birthdays in May, June and July; the girls celebrate their birthdays in January and February. As of today, my grandchildren are 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 8 weeks!


We have lots of fun and enjoy lots of adventures!


There are 21 places along the Atlantic coast I want to take them before they turn 16. I detailed those adventures in a book I wrote for them Christmas 2018 titled, Adventures with MaMa Berry. We have gone on several of those adventures, and the children love them.


As friends and relatives have learned about the book and our adventures, they have encouraged me to write similar books for the general public. Since no one outside of our family and circle of friends would recognize the name MaMa Berry, I settled on a name that would receive instant recognition, Grammy. My plan is to write one book per state, and I have started with Virginia.


Adventures with Grammy: Let’s Explore Virginia! follows a format similar to the book I gave the children for Christmas. My work-in-progress will include 21 kid-friendly adventures with resources to locate similar adventures across the commonwealth. The feature I love most is the adventure journal/photo album! That one feature, when implemented, will play an important role in creating lasting memories for your grandchildren of your time together.  


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