Episode 10. Camping and Hiking with Grandkids

Show Notes


This episode of the Adventures with Grammy podcast features two guests talking about their experiences camping and hiking. The conversations include discussions of stargazing, gem mining, waterfalls and sensory learning.

The guests are Donna B. McKinney and Peggy Barthel.

Donna B. McKinney is the author of more than 16 nonfiction books for kids on topics ranging from science and technology to history to sports. Some of those titles include STEM in Snowboarding; Careers for Tech Girls in Graphic Design; Getting to Know JavaScript; and It’s Great to Be a Fan in North Carolina. Before she wrote for children, she spent many years writing about science and technology topics, including chemistry, space science, and robotics, at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, DC. She has a BA in English from Campbell University and an MA in Professional Writing and Editing from George Mason University. She lives in North Carolina.

Blogger and podcast host Peggy Barthel says camping is in her blood. “I was conceived on a camping trip. My parents took us camping a lot as kids. My dad even worked for Mitchell Campers, and my mom sewed the curtains for them.”

She tells us her grandparents would drive their truck-and-camper from California to Colorado, pick up her and her sister, and then they would camp on the trip back to California for the summer. One of those trips took them to the Oregon coast.

She shares camping in the desert, driving her grandparents’ dune buggy and exploring their surroundings and sharing potlucks dinners during holiday camping trips.

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Donna McKinney

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