Episode 7. Early Career Exploration; Graduate College Debt Free

Show Notes


What do you want to be when you grow up?

A favorite topic of conversation between adults and youngsters … a question today’s guests encourage you to ask your children and grandchildren, and then discuss the thousands of career options available.

This episode of the Adventures with Grammy podcast will focus on the importance of early career exploration and how to graduate from college debt free.

My guests are Robin Mitchell, an elementary counselor who works for King George County Public Schools in Virginia, and Denise Thomas, international best-selling author, TEDx speaker, creator of Cracking the Code to Free College, CEO of Get Ahead of the Class, and host of Your College Fast Pass, a national online conference for parents and students.

For the literacy segment, I will suggest a few books to help our grandchildren get an early look at career options.

Regardless if your grandchildren want to work in the medical field, operate heavy equipment, own their own businesses, or work in careers that don’t even yet exist, my wish for your grandchildren and mine is for them to dream big, learn about themselves so they choose career paths that will lead to fulfilling personal and professional lives.

My guest for the Adventures segment of this episode is Robin Mitchell. I met Robin when we worked at King George High School. She was the director of counseling; I was the department chair for Special Education. We worked together to help our students explore careers and develop educational plans that would allow them to transition smoothly from high school to adult life. She is a firm believer that talking about careers at home is the best first step in a child’s path to a successful career.

I am a huge proponent of early career exploration. How important is that for elementary school students and what does it look like for children that age?

Career assessment tool:

Virginia View Career Assessment

For the Grandparenting segment, I would like to introduce Denise Thomas, a new grandparent who also is a college funding expert parents and grandparents hire to discover how their children and grandchildren can go to college debt free. You will find links to her website and social media in the show notes.


Student Aid Resources

Books about Early Career Exploration
Ages 4 to 8

My Community subset of the I Can Read series by Laura Driscoll

My Community

I Want to Be a Pilot
I Want to Be a Doctor
I Want to Be a Veterinarian
I Want to Be a Police Officer
I Want to Be a Teacher

Ages 8 to 12

100 Things to Be When You Grow Up by Lisa Gerry

Ages 13+
Careers: The Graphic Guide to Planning Your Future by DK Children
What Color Is Your Parachute? for Teens, Third Edition: Discover Yourself, Design Your Future, and Plan for Your Dream Job by Carol Christen and Richard N. Bolles


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