Episode 1. The Official Podcast Launch

Show Notes

We made our target launch date: January 7, 2021!

This first episode features three guests: children’s author, Mary E. Mahowald; a grandmother who takes her grandchildren on cross-country motor home road trip adventures (she also is my sister); and a grandmother who shares a memory of her grandparents from when she was a little girl.

Mary E. Mahowald has penned Frankie Drives a Freightliner. To learn more about Mary and her books, visit:


Linda Gross, Carolyn Berry’s sister, offers this sage advice: “Just enjoy. Nothing is more important than just enjoying yourself at that time, that moment, with those kids. That’s it!”

Suzanne Cabel’s grandmother was quite ill; learn why Suzanne’s grandfather gave her peppermint candy to eat while she visited her Grand MaMa.

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