100 Things To Do With Your Grandchildren

If grandkids are heading your way for the weekend, and you are fretting about how to entertain them while staying sane, run to your local bookstore and pick up a copy of 100 Plus Things to Do with Your Grandchildren: a How-To Guide for Grandparents by Jana Dube Hletko and Lynn Zacny Busby. These ladies know a lot about activities little ones consider fun; they have a combined total of 16 grandchildren!


The authors have packed their wisdom into a no-nonsense “cookbook” list of activities divided into three categories: indoor fun, outdoor fun, and on-the-go fun. Indoor activities include making jam (an activity I plan to do with my grandkids this summer), woodworking, and playing board games. Outdoor activities include washing your car, bird watching, and playing pirate games. On-the-go activities include trips to the beach, to a fire station and to volunteer opportunities. 

As I write this, most of the country is on lockdown because of COVID-19. The on-the-go activities must wait for several months, but the indoor/outdoor activities are designed to have fun at your house. A friend was concerned about how she would keep her three grandchildren entertained (and herself sane) while their parents worked. I gave her a copy of this book, and she considers it a lifesaver. I rate 100 Plus Things to Do with Your Grandchildren 5/5 stars!